Well the good news is…

that I’m still ovulating. Sure wouldn’t want to miss out on that!!!

-note the scarcasm-

Everyone send good karma to my friend, L. who got into a shitty situation and is busy digging herself out. Stay strong, girl. I KNOW you can get through this and maybe even learn something positive (emphasis on POSITIVE) from it.

Got a bit snockered Saturday night. Pictures will be posted soon, I promise. They’re hot. *smirk*

Had a…strange….time at Doug’s Sunday night. Wierd group, wierd vibe. Winnie told me about her dream and we all laughed.
Then I had a dream. I can’t get it out of my head….even 3 days later.

Monday was work and today was work. Friday, J gets the key to the new place. Hopefully we’ll have everything packed by then!

Hi Dale!

That’s it.
kisses, c


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