8 things…

I want to do before I die.

1. Paint a picture, on a canvas, with real paints
2. Write a book
3. Own a bookstore
4. Have kids
5. Move my mom to Florida to be closer to her family
6. Re-connect with old friends
7. Find something that I really love to do
8. Live in Colorado

On my coffee table now
1. My cell phone
2. A half empty coffee cup
3. 3 empty beer cans
4. My keys
5. The Conscious Bride
6. Oscillococcinum (God-send)
7. J’s keyboard
8. My feet

I’m planning on doing this weekend
1. Look at KC’s house
2. Work
3. Hang out with Karyn and Cole
4. Finish reading my book
5. Work out (I haven’t been very good lately)
6. Finish writing the letters to my congressmen
7. Help J plan my birthday weekend
8. Take the pups to the park


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