More pictures from….

a few weekends ago.

Randy’s dinner. Ewwww……
Image hosted by

The destination:
Image hosted by

J in front of the free Spam truck. Cole got a piece and almost threw up.
Image hosted by

But, my fried aligator was de-lic-ious!
Image hosted by

Randy being a mexican:
Image hosted by

Cole and the ladies who love him…
Image hosted by

YOU CAN SEE HER NIPPLES! The lady who almost started about 6 fights that night. Notice the girl on the right? I’m pretending to take a picture of her so I could get the nipples:
Image hosted by

J loves the Burden Brothers because of this man:
Image hosted by
He thinks that HE can be a rock star because he’s skinny too! What great pants, eh?

And the guitar player I love!
Image hosted by

Good times. Next week, pictures from kareoke. Yay!



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