By the way….

I love wireless internet. I’m sitting here, after drinking 3 cups of coffee…..ifyouknowwhatimean.
Listening to music, reading journals, waiting for J. to finish cutting the grass (hooray!!).
It’s SUCH a nice day today. We’re trying to find something to do to make the most of the weather. A couple of ideas:
~ find a list of historical cemetaries and go to them.
~ go to the LBJ museum
~ take the dogs to the park
~ just sit outside, drinking beer

We’ll probably do the first one. J’s never been to the LBJ museum, but it’s inside. We can do that when it’s raining. We’d take the dogs to the park, but we’ve got 4 now and there’s no way they’d fit in my car. Plus, J and Jed took them yesterday. And we will probably end up sitting outside, drinking beer and the bottle of wine from my wedding that Amanda is bringing. Either way, I’ll take pictures. I LOVE having a digital camera!

“I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier.”



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