I really want to….

move. I’m restless. I love my job and I love Austin, but I want to get out. We’ll be back, of this I’m sure. But, as of now, I want to leave.
Maybe I’ll go to work with my book and hang out.
It’s a really nice day today and I haven’t done much. But, I’m relaxed. I’ve got the doors and windows open. It’s going to get cold soon, but it’s nice now. And it’s not like there won’t be more nice days.
J’s sister had her baby last night. They did a C-section, so Addie’s still groggy and Lily (the baby) is still at the hospital. Hopefully Addie will get go to home on Saturday. We’re watching those dogs so we probably won’t go down there until Monday or Tuesday. I’ve gotten to really like that drive to Houston. I downloaded some David Sedaris and listened to it the whole way down. If we leave on Tuesday morning, we’ll get some coffee and listen to morning shows. It’s peaceful.
I’m tired. I think I’ll take a nap so I’m not cranky tomorrow morning at 5:15 when I get up. Blah.


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