I can have a bad day at work but…..

I still love it.
It’s not so much the work, obviously, since all I’m doing is pouring coffee. I’m not making a big difference in lives, I’m not really helping people. I’m giving people beverages that taste good (in theory).
It’s the people I love. Working with people you really get along with, really enjoy, really make you laugh makes all the difference. And, if you get to hang out with them outside of work, more power to you. I wish I could hang out with them more. Karyn and I have hung out a few times, and we had fun.
And, it’s amazing how perceptions of people change. I had a great concersation with Chris after I got off. I walked outside angry, glad I had tomorrow off. I drove off refreshed, promising to return tonight. We smoked (hey, it was a hard day), bitched about Default and other frustrating coworkers, played a bit more Would You Rather, and chatted about life. Good times.

I’m grateful for…..
~ Chris for restoring my faith in my coworkers
~ Good music
~ Lemurs…a lady came through my drive thru with one and now I want one!
~ My puppies
~ “Lights Out”
~ The weather


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